CFAC sees a future where houses, farms, and ranches thrive together; people are well-fed and food secure; family farms are supported within a community food system; and beginning farmers and ranchers can access agricultural land to feed the rest of us.

CFAC's Food Security, Access, and Consumption (FSAC) committee takes a comprehensive approach to developing new markets and assuring all Missoula's citizens equal access to healthy, affordable, and culturally appropriate food.  Our programs have included Missoula Farm to School, EBT at the Farmers' Markets, and the Buy Fresh Buy Local Farm to Restaurant Collaborative.

All of our access programs work to:

  • educate consumers about the many benefits of eating locally to increase the demand for local food;
  • connect growers with chefs and restaurateurs, food service professionals, and consumers to create new market opportunities for farmers and ranchers; and
  • expand and create opportunities for all Missoulians to access locally-grown food.

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