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In the past, CFAC produced quarterly newsletters with news about what is happening in our area around local food and agriculture.  Those are archived here.  Click on the date for a downloadable pdf of each issue.

Spring 2010

Articles include:

  • A Call to Action: stop losing fertile ground
  • CFAC member profile: the Mannix Brothers
  • Food Policy Expert Visits Missoula
  • Gardening with Kids
  • National Food Safety Legislation Update
  • Missoula Farmers' Markets 2010

Autumn 2009

Articles include:

  • Everyone Has Access to Good Food at Missoula's Farmers' Markets
  • Community Planning for Future Farms: an update from the field
  • National Farm to School Policy Update
  • Capturing Missoula's Foodshed 2010 Calendar

Spring 2009

Articles include:

  • National Child Nutrition Act Holds Potential for Montana Farm to School programs
  • Development Review Must Include Impacts on Agriculture
  • City Makes Moves to Protect Farmland
  • 2009 Legislature Recap
  • CFAC Members Envision Missoula's Food System Future
  • Farmers' Market EBT Program Kicks Off Its Third Year!
  • Five Tips for Raising Backyard Chickens

Autumn 2008

Articles include:

  • Missoula Farmers' Market EBT Success!
  • Food Security: Can we go back to the future?
  • USDA Grant provides opportunity for Farm to School
  • Missoula Community Co-op: Business Unusual
  • Montanans Working to Redevelop Food Processing
  • Assessing the Nutrition Environment of Missoula
  • Rooted in the Soil: Farm tour highlights

Spring 2008

Articles include:

  • Tokens for all at Farmers' Market
  • CFAC Review Sub-division Proposals to Evaluate Impact on Farmland
  • School Gardens Growing in Missoula
  • Meat Recall Creates Opportunities for Missoula Producers
  • Land Link Montana Now Accepting Applications
  • Movie Review: Two Angry Moms

Autumn 2007

Articles include:

  • CFAC projects help to ensure access to local food
  • Open Space Bond money protects vital farmland
  • Farm to School update and recognition
  • Finding Solutions to Food Insecurity releases research findings

Spring 2007

Articles include:

  • MT Food System Bills Thrive in State Legislature
  • Raising Voices for Food Security, Facts from Environmental Commons
  • From Cafeterias to Capitol Hill
  • Land Owners Excited About Land Link Project

Autumn 2006

Articles include:

  • Open space bond vote for Missoula
  • Nation's first Food Corps
  • Learning from the source: Farm to College
  • Local food featured in Missoula restaurant