CFAC develops and strengthens Missoula County’s food system and that of the surrounding region by:  Promoting sustainable agriculture;  Building regional self-reliance; Assuring that all have equal access to nutritious, affordable and culturally appropriate food; and Advocating for local, state and national policies that promote our local food system. 

Guiding Principles

  • CFAC envisions a future where houses, farms, and ranches thrive together; people are well-fed and food secure; family farms are supported within a community food system; and beginning farmers and ranchers can access agricultural land to feed the rest of us. We believe:

  • That local food systems promote health, economic opportunity, quality of life, sense of community and place, and ecological sustainability.

  • That the dominant, corporate-controlled food system is unsustainable and has taken decision-making around food and agriculture out of our hands.

  • That a well functioning, local food system must rely on the strength of each component of that system and that each element needs attention.

  • That our community should be proactive about adopting policies and planning for a safe and secure local food system for the future.

  • That meaningful civic engagement is an important tool to promote a sustainable local food system.

  • That all people should have access to healthy food and that all farmers, ranchers and local businesses should be fairly compensated for their labor and investment.

Community Role

CFAC is a local food policy coalition that identifies assets and needs related to building a vibrant local food system and pursues solutions through collaboration, policy advocacy, and innovative projects.  CFAC works to identify issues and develop relevant solutions regarding our local food system and collaborates with others to advance our mission. CFAC is part of an established regional network that promotes stronger community connections, greater access to nutritious foods, agricultural land protection and farming viability, local economic development, and jobs in the food system. CFAC has a functional organizational structure supported by sustainable funding and a clear, well-understood governance framework.

CFAC Goals, Strategies and Action Plan:
The Community Food & Agriculture Coalition has identified four key priorities for our work over the next 3 years. These priorities are to:

  1. Establish and develop a Five Valleys Regional Food Network for Western Montana.

  2. Develop new and existing programs to support beginning farmers and ranchers in Western Montana.

  3. Advocate for policies that protect farmland at risk of development and ensure a safe, sustainable, regional food and agriculture system.

  4. Develop and enhance our fundraising capacity and governance structure to sustain our mission-driven work.

CFAC will remain open to projects in other areas that support our mission as opportunities and funding become available. CFAC is a grassroots, member-driven organization. All the activities develop and strengthen ties between our membership and the projects.


For the full report, click here to download:  CFAC Strategic Plan

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