Food Matters: Farm Viability and Food Consumption in Missoula County

This report presents key findings from the food assessment process. Unlike Our Foodshed in Focus, this report is based on original data collected during the spring of 2004. The research was designed in an attempt to answer the following questions about Missoula County's food system that were identified by the steering committee:

1. What is needed for viable and sustainable, commercial food production in Missoula County? What are the existing assets and barriers to creating a more viable and sustainable production system?

2. What concerns do Missoula County residents of various income levels have about food (including quality, access, transportation to food outlets, cost, eating behaviors and choices), and what do they perceive as the County's food-related assets?

This report presents the first comprehensive analysis of food system issues in Missoula County. Based on that analysis, it also offers recommendations that are designed to generate a community dialogue about the future of our food and farming system.

Food Matters Summary Poster (11"x17" Poster - 348K pdf)

Introduction (324K pdf)

Chapter One: Overview & Our Agricultural Past and Future (52K pdf)

Chapter Two : Farm and Ranch Viability: Survey Results (204K pdf)

Chapter Three: A Closer Look: Perspectives of Selected Farmers and Ranchers (104K pdf)

Chapter Four: Hmong Market Vendors: Lessons from a Focus Group (80K pdf)

Chapter Five : Overview and Sowing the Seeds: Understanding Community Food Consumption (36K pdf)

Chapter Six: Food Consumption: Survey Results (156K pdf)

Chapter Seven: Tough Choices for Low-Income Residents (92K pdf)

Food For Thought and Action : Recommendations (52K pdf)

Appendix (180K)

Food Matters -- Full Report (1.7M pdf)