Our Foodshed in Focus: Missoula County Food and Agriculture by the Numbers

As one of our components of the MCCFA, this report utilizes existing statistical data, primarily from U.S. census reports and other government sources, to describe patterns in the local food system and how these have changed over time. Seven chapters, all authored by students, detail relevant trends in the following areas: demographics; agricultural production; environment; food distribution; employment in farming and food-related businesses; consumption; and food security and access. Each chapter also discusses why these trends might be occurring and explains why these measures are important. Appendices include (a) the raw data for each chapter and (b) the data sources used for each chapter. Additional reference material is presented at the end of each chapter in endnotes.

Introductory Materials : Table of Contents, Introduction and Synopsis (40K pdf)

Chapter 1 : Demographic Indicators (32K pdf)

Chapter 2 : Agricultural Resource Base Indicators (52K pdf)

Chapter 3 : Agriculture-Related Environmental Indicators (28K pdf)

Chapter 4: Economic Productivity Indicators for Agriculture and Food Distribution (32K pdf)

Chapter 5 : Farm and Food Distribution Employment Indicators (28K pdf)

Chapter 6: Food Consumption Indicators (28K pdf)

Chapter 7 : Food Security and Access Indicators (48K pdf)

Appendix A : Data Tables (52K pdf)

Appendix B: Data Sources (40K pdf)

Foodshed in Focus - Full Report (308K pdf)