From farm to table... and beyond!  What happens to all of theCathrineLWalters-8 food that gets thrown away off of grocery store shelves or scraped off of our plates?  These are some of the "outputs" of our food system, along with other kinds of waste, like chemical residues.  And let's not forget about food packaging!


How Can We Help?

Just as with most other waste, there are three main ways we can reduce the impact of these outputs: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle!  As actors in our food system, we can encourage food distributors to utilize packaging that can be recycled and/or reused.  Consider bringing your own takeout containers for your restaurant leftovers.

When we have food waste at home, we can incorporate composting to reduce and reuse the waste we have.  If composting at home is too big of an endeavor, consider working with neighbors or with local producers to make better use of your compost.