Kavita for web  

Hindu Hilbilly Farms & Rivulet Apiaries, Alberton: $10,000 to expand the honey house and obtain a wholesale license

Learn more about Hindu Hilbilly's loan opportunity!

 Ellie for web  

Black Bear Soups & Produce, Missoula: $8,000 to purchase a walk-behind tractor for increased efficiency

Learn more about Black Bear Soups & Produce's loan opportunity!


Shay for web


Bäckerei Provincial, Dixon: $3,000 for bakery start-up costs, including wholesale license, grain mill, and kitchen equipment

 Crows View Farm  

Crow's View Farm, Ronan: $8,000 to purchase a high tunnel and expand their growing season


Thank you to our 2018 Farm Fresh Pitchfest sponsor, Missoula Federal Credit Union!



How Does Pitchfest Work?

Each farmer or local food business owner will make a 5-10 minute pitch of their business plan and their loan opportunity. Each will have a dedicated computer at the event so that individuals can make loans immediately. Links to their loans will also be available if lenders want to make a later investment or share with friends. Lenders can invest as little as $25 or up to $10,000 and will be repaid via the Kiva website. Lenders can withdraw repaid funds or lend again. 

Lending requires a Kiva account. Payment on the Kiva site occurs through PayPal and lenders can use an existing PayPal account or use a "guest" account at the event. A computer will be available on-site for lenders to create these accounts, but lenders are encouraged to set up accounts in advance. 


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