Another key part to increasing production is supporting producers!  We need to increase the number of successful, small to mid-size, vibrant family farms.  This will ensure that agriculture has a future in the next generation!

So how do we do that?  The key is to comprehensively address some of their main ColeMoeller SaraSaanenchallenges, including access to land, business planning, network development and social supports, and access to markets.

CFAC has been thinking a lot about beginning farmers and ranchers over the past few years and trying to figure out what the best ways are that we can help.  Head over to the section on our Beginning Farmer & Rancher initiatives to get more info!


How Can We Help?

Well of course, you can support your producers by buying from them - at farmers' markets, through CSAs, or through distribution networks like the Western Montana Growers' Cooperative (are we starting to sound repetitive?).

Another great way to get involved is to join our Beginning Farmer & Rancher Committee, that works to try to solve these issues in Western Montana!