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Grow, Eat, and Know: A Resource Guide to Food and Farming in Missoula County

As one component of the Missoula County Community Food Assessment, this guide is a collection of organizations, programs and businesses that are involved in the Missoula County food system--the complex web that incorporates all things food, from growing to distribution to eating.

Within the pages of the guide, you will find brief descriptions and contact information for a variety of groups. You'll find entries for agriculture and food assistance groups, but also for land trusts and business development. All these groups play an important part in supporting the Missoula County food system.

Grow, Eat and Know-- Full Report (1.2M pdf)

Grow, Eat and Know -- Pages 1 - 7 (420K pdf)

Grow, Eat and Know -- Pages 8 - 14 (384K pdf)

Grow, Eat and Know -- Pages 15 - 21 (292K pdf)

Grow, Eat and Know -- Pages 22 - 28
(288K pdf)