There are plenty of great reasons to eat from your local foodshed.  Here are a few we think are especially important:

  • When consumers buy locally-grown food, they keep money circulating in our community.
  • Supporting the economic viability of working farms and ranches in turn conserves open spaces for the benefit of all.
  • Local food is typically fresher, tastier, and more nutritious than food shipped halfway around the world.
  • Eating local food reduces transportation and energy costs, helping to protect our environment and saving finite fossil fuel resources.
  • Food is of higher quality with fewer additives, hormones, or pesticides.  A growing number of Montana farmers and ranchers are using more sustainable farming practices, which means that by purchasing local foods, we can support farming that reduces pesticide use and soil erosion, and reward ranching that uses sound grass management and produces grass-fed beef.
  • Connections between producers and consumers strengthen community and continue an important tradition in this place.