Come show your support for local farms! Attend the Board of County Commissioners meeting.

When: Wednesday, January 13th, 2016 at 6 pm

Where: City Council Chambers, 140 W. Pine in downtown Missoula


Missoula County's farms and ranches are an important part of our economy, our landscape, and our heritage!

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They can provide...

  • Clean air and water

  • Recreation opportunities, like fishing and hunting

  • Healthy and safe food, for local markets and beyond

  • Scenic vistas and open spaces

  • Hard, but rewarding work in the outdoors and income for our friends and neighbors


But... as our community has grown, the land base needed for farming has gotten smaller and smaller.  We won't have a viable farm economy and the great food it produces if we don't conserve the land.


We need to consider...

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  • Do we want agriculture to be a part of Missoula's future?

  • Do we want to keep the door open for future economic opportunities?

  • Do we want to continue to be able to provide fresh, healthy foods for our neighbors?

  • Do we want to maintain the great values farmland can offer, like clean water and outdoor opportunities?

  • Do we want to keep those jobs around, for friends, neighbors, and the next generation of farmers?


If we do want to keep Ag in our Culture, we need to...

  • Develop a subdivision process that is predictable, consistent, proactive and effectively provides a future for agriculture in Missoula County

  • Determine how best to protect this resource and this economy in a way that safeguards property rights and respects the equity that farmers and ranchers have invested in their land

  • Conserve the critical mass of farmland that's needed to support an agricultural economy and secure food production for now and for the future

We need to support our County Commissioners in adopting the Planning Board's recommended policies that will effectively provide for the future of farming!